Hello! I'm Ruchita.

I like astronomy, archaeology and many more things in between.

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Featured Projects

Georgia Aquarium - Predators

Case study to change the perception of humans towards sharks through the aquarium's upcoming shark exhibit

Yellow Pages

A week long design sprint completed as a part of the 2020 Google UX Design Internship Challenge to create an experience that allows potential mentors and mentees at Georgia Tech to discover each other

Adaptive Physical Education

User-centered design process to make sports activities more accessible for visually impaired school children

Auto-spooling Sewing Machine

CAD modelled interactive prototype of a sewing machine for beginners which spools the thread automatically and makes sewing hassle-free

Hot Glue Pens

Iterative design methodology used for improving the form, feel and ergonomics of a hot glue pen modelled using pink foam

Marble Answering Machine

Durell Bishop's design of a tangible 'Marble Answering Machine' brought to life using a circuit playground express and CAD modelled 3D printed parts

Past Work


An Arduino based teacher feedback system for better mental health analysis and emotional wellbeing of public school teachers

Creative Coding

Artistic visualisations of abstract concepts using code written in the P5JS framework


Paper prototype of gamified dustbins for public spaces which were then installed in a public setting and tested using the probe technique


Web application consisting of a smart whiteboard with an inbuilt equation parser and customisable shapes and text boxes all of which could be given animation effects, saved to the database and played on the client side

Hunt for Exoplanets

Deep learning model for transit photometry detection of exoplanets in the Kepler telescope generated dataset

Analysis of AI Based Methods to Draw Sketches

Comparison of different artificial intelligence techniques used for recognition and synthesis of sketches of everyday objects

Engineering Drawing

Collection of free-hand and ruler-drawn technical drawings of isometric and orthographic views of engineering objects

Hackathon Projects


Phone based toll payment automation using bluetooth beacons which do not require internet or a camera for license plate recognition and hence can replace the existing RFID tags system


A chat bot that gives age sensitive replies to user queries about AIDs, along with a card-game based quiz to spread awareness

Ms Know It All

A crowd-sourcing platform for jargon definitions with a scanning tool to highlight and elaborate jargon terminologies in any uploaded document

NDVI Predictor

A web application which uses farm location coordinates to predict normalized difference vegetation index values for the coming month using neural networks


An end to end web application aimed at assisting Benefactor Organisations in providing shelter and relief to refugees




I use a mechanical pencil and sometimes a charcoal pencil or soft pastels.


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